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Are you ready to start growing your beard?

A lot of men around the world dream to have a good, masculine looking beard. Are you one of them? Perfect. Because here is all the help you'll need. Our product are proven time after time to help men around the world achieving their dream beard. Are you next?

Working principle

When the beardroller is used against the skin, it creates small microscopic damages in your skin. This triggers the body to start repairing the damaged cells by improving the blood circulation to the area. The blood contains nutrients & healthy hormones that is starting the healing process.

This process causes Cell Proliferation which makes the hair folicols grow thicker and increase in quantity.

Is this scientifically proven?

In a 150 days clinical study, our products have
proven impressive results for beard growth:
— 94% of men activated new facial hairs
— Improved beard density (average 55%)
— Improved hair thickness (average 10%)

How to use the beard roller:

The recommended usage time for the beardroller varies from person to person depending on how sensitive your skin is. However, most of our customers use the beardroller 2-3 times per week for 1-2 minutes each time. 

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